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Welcome to EXISTECK

EXISTECK is a duly registered private incorporation having operation across the globe Londo - UK, New Jerssy – USA, Dhaka-Bangladesh, Qingdao- China, established in early 2007 in Bangladesh first. "Engineering matters" is the slogan of the company states its core target, providing customers true engineering solutions, to meet their desires. It's annual turnover in average around $ 5-6 million. It is widely seen that most Entrepreneurs/ Investors always faces problems finding cost effective solutions for their industries such as selection of good quality machinery & equipment, raw materials with a very competitive prices, sourcing and selection of raw materials and finally the cost effective process technologies.

EXISTECK's target is to understand deeply the real problems and design a proper solution for it's valued customers. EXISTECK has been built business relationships with more than 30 world renowned companies in various regions around the world, forming a global network, representing world renowned machinery and raw material manufactures, solution providers, to provide complete support to the customers.

EXISTECK's has Twenty [22] years of extensive experience in the field providing complete industrial solutions. More than 200 complete set-ups has been designed/ installed through restless effort and assistance from him. Some other 20 professionals are currently employed with 10 experienced engineers, to provide total support and updated information to the customers. Professional services through exchanging updated information, classified evaluation/ comparison among the competitor's product and service and finally competitive prices with optimum quality product to the industries to meet their needs is ExistecK's strength.

Turnkey Industrial Solutions for Food Industries.

We arrange engineering, manufacturing and supply turnkey industrial Lines. Equipment and production lines is designed and built following our client's needs and requests for a tailored made solution. All new technologies and developments are transferred directly to our clients, offering a state of the art production line. Our team will offer complete support throughout the entire process, from design to start up.

We cover the complete production cycle system starting from raw materials receiving & handling, complete processing & packing and delivery system until trucking.

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